Customer Relationships Set Our Company Apart

In addition to getting most of us sick, COVID has changed a lot of business plans – from restaurants and the travel industry to healthcare and manufacturing.

While Syfan Logistics also had to adapt with new business practices, the company has benefited from a lot of new business, too. For the first time in its 40-year experience, for instance, Syfan Logistics recently started hauling live birds and rendered byproducts for the poultry industry. This required a much different skillset than hauling refrigerated perishables, which is one of Syfan Logistics’ longtime core strengths.

Faced with a shortage of drivers, one of its poultry customers asked Syfan Logistics to equip its trucks with wet kits to allow us to ship grain for the first time.

These challenging jobs are outside the norm for Syfan and have tested the company’s longtime policy of never saying no to a customer. But Syfan has come through with flying colors.

Some business experts might say you should stick with your primary business model and turn down any new business that is outside your focus. However, Syfan Logistics learned a long time ago, that customers don’t like to hear the word “no.” On the other hand, “yes” will open doors and strengthen relationships.

Another customer, a poultry processor, came to Syfan Logistics with a seemingly impossible job that threatened to shut down their entire operations if it couldn’t pull it off. In fact, several other trucking companies had already turned them down.

The company was desperate to haul away containers of foul-smelling poultry waste that sat in limbo at their processing plant due to the shutdown of a nearby rendering plant. It was an incredibly difficult and unpleasant job with an equally impossible deadline. Syfan Logistics still said yes. For the next three months, Syfan successfully pieced together 14 truckloads a day, six days a week, to ship the waste to two different states several hundred miles away.

Syfan Logistics admits there have been other jobs that it simply could not pull off. However, instead of responding with a no, the company goes the extra mile to find someone who can help.

This “never say no” attitude is what builds relationships – strong relationships – that will endure over time. Which is what Syfan Logistics is all about.