Automotive Parts

For the past decade, Syfan Logistics has specialized in the over-the-road transportation of automotive parts for several of the nation’s largest automobile manufacturers. Our years of experience, combined with our outstanding freight management services, allow our automotive partners to have peace of mind knowing that their parts will arrive on time and intact.

Consistently Efficient

Akin to the other industries we serve, efficiency is the name of the game when transporting auto parts and materials. Even a half day delay in an auto manufacturer’s production line can create a massive ripple effect and lead to huge losses in revenue. With an industry that expects to keep its production lines in constant motion, delays are not an option. That is why Syfan approaches automotive part shipping the same way we approach every other industry—with a focus on providing constant and wholistic communication.

Proper communication leads to consistently efficient loads. Our 24/7 support team remains available for all of our automotive partners to call in and get an update on their loads whenever they please. Through the use of our advanced tracking technology and trend forecasting metrics, we are able to accurately predict the arrival time of trucks and relay that information to the manufacturers.

Shippers in need of automotive part transportation can directly contact a member of our Syfan team using the information provided below! Call now to request a quote on your next shipment!

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