Refrigerated Freight

We Provide Temperature-Controlled Third-Party Logistics Solutions

Syfan Logistics has more than 40 years of experience and success with cold storage trucking for poultry and other temperature sensitive products.

What Is Refrigerated Freight?

Refrigerated freight, also known as “reefer freight,” is a type of cargo that requires temperature-controlled transportation in order to maintain its quality and safety. This type of freight is often perishable or time-sensitive, and includes items such as fresh or frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive products. In the logistics industry, refrigerated freight is typically transported using specialized vehicles that are designed to maintain a specific temperature range throughout the shipping process.

Why is Refrigerated Freight Important?

Refrigerated freight is important in the logistics industry for several reasons:

1. Preserving product quality and safety: Many products require specific temperature ranges to maintain their quality and safety. Here are just a few examples of these products:


Temperature Sensitive Electronics

Fresh Product

Poultry & Meats

2. Enabling global trade: Refrigerated freight allows perishable goods to be transported across long distances and international borders, opening up new markets for growers and producers around the world.

3. Supporting food security: Refrigerated freight can also play an important role in supporting food security by enabling the transportation of perishable goods to areas that are experiencing food shortages or limited access to fresh, nutritious foods.

Why Choose Syfan?

Learn more about our state-of-the-art refrigerated transport solutions:

  • Our reefer units are equipped with solar panels for extended battery life and a remote monitoring system for perishable cargo. In fact, our ORBCOMM cold-chain monitoring system meets all Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements for greater food security and safety.
  • This system also utilizes two-way wireless tracking and monitoring of all reefers and containers to automate compliance with FSMA rules and guarantee proper delivery of your temperature sensitive products. With Syfan’s primary cargo insurance, including reefer breakdown, you can rest assured that we’ll take care of your products.
  • Our third-party logistics experts have a thorough understanding of the specific requirements for different types of perishable goods, as well as the regulations and safety protocols that govern the handling and transportation of these items. You can trust our team at Syfan Logistics to ensure that your products are delivered on time with reduced spoilage claims and fewer load rejections caused by improper temperature control.

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