Though we are a successful high-tech, multi-million dollar corporation, Syfan Logistics remains a family business at heart – and an old-fashioned American success story.

With close to a half century of experience in trucking services and logistics, the Syfan family has been in the transportation business for a very long time. Company CEO Jim Syfan worked in the transportation brokerage industry for nearly a decade before launching his original company, Turbo Transport, in 1984 in Gainesville, Ga. The ambitious venture was started alongside Jim’s wife, Gloria, and their two sons, Greg and Steve, in a tiny trailer next to a busy railroad track.

At that time, deregulation had opened the doors to a flood of upstart brokerage operations like Turbo Transport. While the Syfans certainly recognized the potential for success in this emerging niche of the transportation industry, they also became concerned with its fragile image. Many fledgling brokerages were going out of business as quickly as they popped up. Consequently, Jim Syfan worked tirelessly to help lead efforts with trade organizations in the transportation brokerage industry to raise ethical and financial standards at the state and national level.

Through the next two decades, the Syfans’ hard work was rewarded as they diligently grew their own logistics transportation operation into a $100 million company with over 150 employees. The company was eventually sold, and five years later – in 2011 – the Syfans were ready for another challenge. So they rolled up their sleeves and started Syfan Logistics with an investment in a first-class fleet of trucks and a professional team sharing their strong ambition and unflagging spirit of customer service.

Today, the same traditions from the family’s earliest days in transportation remain firmly in place. The story is far from over, but the formula continues to work with a growing staff of over 400 professionals and a successful partnership with hundreds of customers and thousands of carrier partners.

Above all, the Syfan family credits their faith and trust in God for every blessing in their professional and personal life.