Our deep history and expertise in refrigerated foodstuffs delivery (our customers include some of the nation’s largest foodstuff companies) are matched by our fleet’s state-of-the-art reefer units.

Syfan’s latest addition of reefers, for example, includes solar panels for longer battery life and a highly advanced remote monitoring system for perishable cargo. Our ORBCOMM cold-chain monitoring system meets all FSMA requirements (Food Safety Modernization Act) for greater food security and safety. It also employs two-way wireless tracking and monitoring of our reefers and containers to automate compliance with FSMA rules and guarantee proper delivery of cooled foods.

Syfan has interfaced the monitoring system with its partner McLeod’s communications software for a centralized view of each load’s location, temperature/sensor readings and any alarm events such as low fuel or an unplanned shutdown of the unit. Our dispatch team can quickly alert a driver to turn the reefer unit on or off, change temperature set points or check to make sure the trailer door is secure.

The monitoring system uses fuel sensors to alert drivers if there is rapid fuel loss or theft, and it can detect and resolve improper fuel invoicing. It also tracks engine hours and mileage to decrease engine maintenance and tire replacement costs. A remote lockdown function will even help prevent cargo theft.

Customers will be able to receive detailed reports for each load such as real-time location, dwell times and overall reefer performance. The system produces temperature reports that can be printed upon delivery and archived for future reference.

The end result for shipper customers: Minimal spoilage claims and fewer load rejections due to improper temperature issues.