We Provide Container Transportation Solutions

The Syfan Logistics Ocean Dray Team fully services both import and export shipments from all major U.S. markets. We have built a team of logistics professionals to find solutions for your drayage needs.

What is Port Drayage?

Drayage, also known as cartage or haulage, is the transportation of freight between intermodal hubs and a customer’s facility. Intermodal hubs include rail terminals, ocean ports, inland ports, and cargo warehouses. Port drayage focuses specifically on the transloading of ocean freight and the transportation of that freight in and out of ports of call. Since international freight shipping has become a leading industry on worldwide economic levels, the demand for port drayage services has increased exponentially.

Visit the Intermodal Association of North America’s (IANA) website to gain a better understanding of the transloading of Drayage freight.

Container Drayage

Port drayage is focused on the transportation of shipping containers around and out of the port in which they arrive. Through the process of transloading, containers are moved from one mode of transportation to another in order to reach their final destination. With sea freight, this process involves moving containers from shipping vessels to an accompanying rail line or carrier-provided truck.

Drayage Container Types:

  • Dry/Standard—Most common container type, used to ship general materials.
  • Flat Rack—Containers in which the sides can be folded down and in to allow for oversized loads.
  • High Cube—Taller container to fit lengthier cargo.
  • Open Top—Containers without solid roofs and are instead covered by a tarp. Used for heavy machinery cargo.
  • Refrigerated—These reefer containers and/or reefer cubes are designed to keep perishable cargo at stable temperatures throughout the shipping process.

Why Syfan Logistics?

Simply put, we provide a niche of leveraging local capacity and expertise to service the complex demands of international supply chains. Our Ocean Dray Team has years of experience working in U.S. ports transporting time-sensitive ocean freight across the country.

Syfan approaches the world of international freight shipping the same way in which we approach any sector of freight—with a strong commitment to efficiency and communication. Efficiency is of the utmost importance when dealing with container transportation in and out of busy ports and nobody does this better than the Syfan Logistics’ Ocean Dray Team. To help you avoid per diem and demurrage costs, our dray team pulls containers as soon as they are available instead of using the available waiting period. Not only does this quick action help curb unnecessary costs, it also functions as a means to deliver the container freight to its final destination quickly and efficiently.

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