Third party logistics companies (3PL) have modernized the way companies manage their supply chain operations. By outsourcing logistics to specialized service providers, businesses can streamline their processes, and reduce costs.

Syfan Logistics provides shipping services through its nationwide network of carriers and Syfan Transport, our asset-based fleet of over-the-road trucks. We maintain a known policy of excellence which allows us to proudly say we are the top tier of third party logistics companies in Georgia.

A third party logistics broker not only provides freight brokerage services but also a wide range of other services for shippers. Think of the entire logistics chain from when a customer places an order until that customer receives the requested goods. The order has to be logged. The items must be pulled from the warehouse shelves and packed into a box. Connecting with a carrier to transport the goods — which is what a freight broker does — is just one small part of the equation.

Syfan Logistics – Third Party Logistics Company, Gainesville, Ga.

Syfan Logistics, a third party logistics company with a long tradition of success, has always focused on delivering the highest level of transparency and reliability for over-the-road customer shipments.

Our partnership of trust and loyalty with each shipper has never been more important than today due to tight capacity of drivers and equipment. Syfan backs its work with shippers with customer-focused support from Syfan’s own 24-7 dispatch team not a third-party answering service.

Our numerous carrier partnerships strengthen capacity tremendously, allowing hundreds of loads to be shipped weekly across the country – and even more in the most pressure-packed peak seasons – for full truckload, temp-control, dry van, power-only, expedited, and LTL shipments.

In addition, Syfan’s logistics division draws from a network of carrier partners to further bolster our service and fill gaps in capacity. We have grown into one of the leading logistics companies In the United States as evidenced by our recognition by Inbound Logistics, Transport Topics, and other national publications in their annual rankings of the nation’s top logistics providers.

We can also work within a shipper’s on-site operations to directly oversee your truck freight program through our Freight Management division for significant cost savings and greater operational efficiencies.

Advantages Of Using Third Party Logistics Companies

One of the key advantages of working with a 3PL broker is the ability to leverage their extensive network of carriers. These brokers have established relationships with a wide range of carriers, allowing them to find the most cost-effective and reliable transportation solutions for their clients. This not only saves shippers time and effort but also helps them secure competitive rates and ensure timely delivery of their goods. Outsourcing logistics allow companies to focus on their central business functions and also have flexibility when sales are down. It also gives a company the ability to grow into new markets because they have a system for delivering their product in place.

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