With the most time-sensitive loads, you can’t afford to take chances. Syfan Expedited, a specialized division of Syfan Logistics, focuses on one mission alone: successful delivery of the highest-priority, deadline-critical loads and just-in-time scheduling.

We have logged years of experience in coordinating shipments of inbound production materials to industries to ensure their plants continue operating efficiently without interruption.


Syfan’s management team has literally grown up on deadlines over the past 40 years, successfully hauling perishable refrigerated loads for poultry and other food industries. Today, their deadline experience and expertise rides with every Syfan Expedited shipment.

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Syfan Expedited is backed by a 24-7 operations team that personally tracks every shipment and driver from start to finish.


  • Around-the-clock service with 24-7 operation
  • Specialized operations team (not support staff) oversees every expedited shipment with direct driver contact
  • Contract carrier partnerships that span the continental United States, Mexico and Canada
  • Back-up support from Syfan Transport’s own expansive fleet of trucks
  • Flexibility in available equipment, ranging from power-only to dry vans and reefers
  • High-tech communications and reporting backed by partner McLeod software
  • GPS tracking of every load
  • Primary Cargo Insurance and Excess Liability Coverage
  • Highly experienced in shipping inbound production materials for industry to keep plants running efficiently.
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