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Dear Customers and Friends:
I wanted to share a brief excerpt from a Bible lesson on practicing “Faith Over Fear” that I have been reading. It was prepared by David Villa, a Christian speaker and author.

“Faith is the light that shines in through the tunnel. It is the compass that points north when you get off course. Faith is what you have left when everything else seems so far away. It isn’t always easy to have faith, but it is always necessary. Faith is what gives us as Christians the strength to carry on despite our circumstances.
Faith is easy to find when you have calm waters and clear skies. It’s when the clouds come in that Christians begin to struggle with their faith. It is when the water begins to get choppy and the wind starts blowing that faith starts to falter.
Have unwavering faith! Know that whatever is going on in your life has already been planned out. God has you covered.”

Blessed to be a blessing,
Greg Syfan President,
Syfan Logistics