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A challenge across many industries – and especially so in the competitive transportation and logistics industry – is retaining good employees. You make a sizable investment when you train employees, so you want to keep that investment from walking out the door. In fact, our company demonstrates such a respect for employees that we refer to them as “professionals” and “family team members” so that they know they are appreciated as an essential part of our company right from the start. Another good place to start is creating a unique culture with a management style as servant leaders within your company by placing a high value on your workplace environment.

Creating a positive workplace culture can improve teamwork and morale, increase productivity and efficiency, and enhance retention of your workforce. One way that we do this at our company is to hold regular get togethers for our team members – both at our office and away – such as a bowling night, company softball leagues, and regular cookouts. Our business is highly competitive, but we try to make it fun for our employees with goals-based competition events among teams within our office. These competitions spur harder work that is incentivized with bonuses while building morale and a more team-oriented spirit. Many times, the bonuses are not money but earned team trips, such as golf, fishing and sporting events.

We are also currently investing in our physical space to make room for additional team members while creating a much more comfortable workplace. The addition to our existing 12,000-square-foot space brought all our departments under one roof, creating a more complete team environment. As a family-owned company, we’ve always treated our team members as family, and creating a special work environment is just another example of that commitment. Now that we have all our employees together under one roof, we also have found improved efficiency and productivity.