Dear Customers and Friends:

Do you remember trading Valentine’s Day cards back in elementary school? It always felt so good to come home with a shoe box stuffed with cards and candy.

As we grow older, some people long to recapture that magical feeling again. Sadly, they may not even feel worthy of love anymore.

But we all have a secret admirer who is really no secret at all. It is Jesus Christ, our savior, who loves us so much that he spilled his own blood and died on the cross for us. No love goes deeper than God’s love for us.

There are countless times in the Bible where God reminds us of His infinite and everlasting love. It is reassuring to know we never stand alone because God sees so much worth and value in each of our lives.

The Story of Saint Valentine
Do you know the story behind St. Valentine’s Day? It is a true story of love and sacrifice from the days of the Romans, about 250 years after the birth of Christ. In an effort to rebuild the Roman army, the emperor outlawed all weddings so he could draft more single men into military service.

Word soon spread of a brave priest by the name of Valentine who secretly performed marriage ceremonies in defiance of the emperor. He was eventually caught and imprisoned. Before his execution, young couples would visit him in jail, passing along notes of thanks and encouragement that started the tradition we cherish today on Valentine’s Day.

Like Jesus before him, Saint Valentine died in the name of love. Which makes February 14th such a special day to remember that we are all loved and so worthy of love – more than we can ever know or imagine. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Blessed to be a Blessing,
Greg Syfan
President, Syfan Logistics