local logistics companies near me - Faith over Fear IMGDear Customers and Friends:
We are all anxious about the future and whether life will return to normal. The reality is we can’t rush something that we can’t personally control like the ongoing pandemic crisis. So, we must be patient in our faith and hope for the best. In this segment of Faith Over Fear, I share the words of Winston Churchill and his view toward facing a similar worldwide crisis during World War II.
Blessed to be a Blessing,
Greg Syfan,
President, Syfan Logistics

Winston Churchill led Great Britain and the world through a very dark period in history during the early 1940s. Like today’s pandemic, he could not predict the future outcome in the battle against Nazi aggression in World War II. In fact, many naysayers at the time predicted his country would eventually fall to the powerful German forces.
Facing humiliation, Churchill refused to give up and eventually led his country through a painful but successful recovery.
Today, we face another dark enemy in COVID-19. But with God’s help, we must have the faith to press on, focusing on the now with the confidence of better days ahead.