Brecklynn’s Miracle – Part 1

Dear Customers and Friends:

We began this series of Faith Over Fear messages back in March when the pandemic entered our lives. Since then we have shared many stories of how people put their trust in God to get through difficult times. Now, I have my own story.

Back in 2015, my two-year-old granddaughter, Brecklynn, was diagnosed with pleuropulmonary blastoma, an extremely rare cancer that had spread to her brain.

In my business, I thrive on fixing problems. Now, my daughter Courtney (Brecklynn’s mother) needed me, but I was helpless for the first time I could remember. That’s when I decided to have a conversation with God. I pleaded my case: “Haven’t I always gone to church and followed you? Then why me? Why my family, Lord?”

I was all alone, just outside my house, when I heard a voice that night as clear as day. “Either you trust me… or you don’t.” It was God speaking to me, and I went to my knees and said, “I trust you, Lord.”

The next days and weeks brought one bad report after another, but I was at peace. I was even convinced that God was going to let things get as bad as possible, just to show off by healing Brecklynn to prove His point. Looking back, it is so clear to see that He was already at work. Through one critical decision after another, He led us on the right path to saving our little girl. All we had to do was put Faith Over Fear.

Blessed to be a Blessing,

Greg Syfan,
President, Syfan Logistics

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”
1Thessalonians 5:16-18


Brecklynn’s Miracle

By Courtney and Zach Allgood

Our daughter Brecklynn was diagnosed with cancer just one month before her third birthday. They called us from her play school to tell us she was sick. By the time we picked her up, she was throwing up and could hardly hold up her head.

Brecklynn had been sick the month before and we feared it might have worsened into pneumonia. So, we took her directly to our pediatrician – a decision that, looking back, surely was led by God. The doctor, who ironically had lost his wife to cancer a month earlier, was especially sensitive to Brecklynn’s symptoms and ordered a chest X-ray. We soon learned this was not a case of pneumonia. It was something worse.

We traveled directly to Children’s Hospital of Atlanta (CHOA), where we learned that our baby girl had a massive tumor in her chest, another tumor in her arm and one in her leg, two in her spine and two more in her brain. One of the tumors in her brain was so large that the pressure caused bleeding inside and paralysis on the right side of her body.

Everything was falling apart so quickly. Or so it seemed. We now know things were actually falling into place. A series of “coincidences” led us through each life or death decision at critical moments. Brecklynn’s cancer was one of less than 40 cases in the world; yet we were put into the care of a childhood cancer specialist who had treated three others with the same disease. What are the odds?

After surviving a dangerous brain surgery, she then faced radiation treatment for her entire brain – a decision, especially for such a young child, that threatened future development and cognitive skills. But God was there, and Brecklynn came through. Today, she is our miracle, a happy cancer-free child who is smart as a whip and loves gymnastics.

Sadly, we know not all stories turn out like Brecklynn’s. There sometimes is survivor’s guilt, especially when we meet other families facing our same circumstances. It hurts but makes us even more appreciative for our miracle, and we share our thanks with thousands all over the world who supported us with prayers.

Although the doctors treated Brecklynn’s cancer, it was all those prayers that healed her. We say that without a doubt and rejoice each day. A wrist band that we wear with the inscription “1 Thessalonians 5:16-18” expresses how we truly feel.

Next week, Courtney and Zach share more of Brecklynn’s story
and how Faith Over Fear saw them through.