Dear Customers and Friends:

Those of you who read my monthly Faith Over Fear emails know I always end my messages with the words “Blessed to be a Blessing.”

Well, you might be amazed that a big-time professional football player – Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills – quoted me during the recent Super Bowl week of festivities.

As you may recall, Hamlin was the Bills safety who went into cardiac arrest after a big hit in a Monday night football game against the Cincinnati Bengals back in January. He nearly died on the field but was miraculously resuscitated and taken to a Buffalo hospital, where he was released nine days later.
Now, back to Hamlin quoting me.

Hamlin was honored on Feb. 8th with the Alan Page Community Award during a pre-Super Bowl press conference. In accepting the award for his inspirational story and community service, Hamlin said, “One of my favorite quotes is ‘it’s a blessing to be a blessing.’ With that being said, I plan to never take this position for granted and always have an urgent approach to making a difference in the community where I came from and also communities across the world.”

Okay, by now you know I was just kidding about being quoted. But I do like the fact that I share something in common with such a great person and football star. We are both acknowledging the fact that God blesses those who are a blessing to others. Neither Hamlin nor I came up with that quote on our own, because it comes from the Bible.

Whether in business or our personal lives, we should all strive to help others, knowing that in return we will be blessed by God. It’s sort of like “paying it forward” in a never-ending circle of blessings.

Blessed to be a Blessing,
Greg Syfan
President, Syfan Logistics

“The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped.” – Proverbs 11:25