logistics and trucking transportation companies near me - Dez White IMGFormer Atlanta Falcon Dez White, the physical fitness trainer at Syfan Logistics for the past four years, says there are some great ways to stay dedicated to your 2020 fitness goals!
Dez says, “Focus on ALL aspects of fitness, keep it part of your mind all day. Your food needs to be planned. You must get proper rest. You must eat to fuel your workouts and get enough fluids to replace what you lose. If you keep them all in mind, your chances of reaching your goal increase dramatically.”

Throughout the year, we will be sharing a fitness tip each week from Dez, to help keep you inspired and staying fit in 2020.
Dez White is a former Georgia Tech, Chicago Bear and Atlanta Falcons football player who has dedicated his second career to helping people reaching their fitness goals. Especially those who have health related issues due to excessive weight. He specializes in weight loss, toning, and conditioning as well as youth sports training.  His company The Body Firm Atlanta has been doing boot camps and group fitness workouts for 10 years in Atlanta and surrounding areas.