Ironically, it was his former job as a cellphone salesman back in 1998 that brought Tre’ Anderson, our vice president of sales, to Turbo Transport, the forerunner to Syfan Logistics. Back then, he was making a sales call on Greg Syfan, who was interested but not quite sold.

Tre’ Anderson

After the sales pitch, Greg said he wasn’t ready to make a decision and that Tre’ should come back in a few weeks. What was not apparent to Tre’ was that he was going through a job interview – a long one – with his future boss. A few weeks later, Tre’ followed up and Greg, slyly, told him the same thing.

When Tre’ returned a third time, Greg finally leveled with him.

“I told him, ‘I’m not going to buy a cell phone from you, but I want you to come work for me,’” Greg said. “In sales, you always want to know who will follow up and stick with it. Tre’ passed my test with flying colors!”

A few months later, in January 1999, Tre’ started his career at Turbo Transport on the dispatch desk where he learned the heart of the business and operations. Within two to three weeks, he got his first shot at sales.

“There were some people out, so they had me fill in on the sales table,” Tre’ says. “I had a sales background, so I took what I knew from sales and listened to the guys on the table. I filled in a few more times after that and within two months I was full time in carrier sales on the Southeast Reefer table, which was all poultry.”

Now serving as vice president of sales at Syfan Logistics, Tre’ has very important dual responsibilities – bringing in new accounts and managing his existing accounts. He recently began training new customer and carrier sales representative.

Working at Syfan is a family affair for the Andersons. Between Turbo Transport and Syfan Logistics, his wife, Leinad, has been with the company for 15 years and does order entry in our expedited division. Their son, Nicolas, has worked at Syfan for five years in carrier sales. Tre’ and Leinad also have a daughter, Nylah, 17, and another son, Sebastian, 11.

We are thankful for Tre’s persistence — many years ago and still today – that led him to our company along with the rest of his family, all of whom have become such a big part of our whole Syfan family and team.