GAINESVILLE, Ga. — Syfan Logistics has a tradition of being out in front of the next trend in transportation – especially if it better serves customers.

A good example is its recent introduction of FMS – or Freight Management Services – which brings large advantages to both our shipper customers and carrier team.

Fitco, a prepared feeds company in Anniston, Ala. uses the Syfan Logistics FMS system to manage its inbound freight.

With its Freight Management System, Syfan Logistics can help customers trim upwards of 10 percent off their freight costs. Most companies with average annual freight costs exceeding $3.5 million can benefit from Syfan’s FMS program.

“Our FMS program is a combination of our 40-plus years of transportation knowledge and experience that is enhanced with the sophisticated tools of our McLeod software,” Syfan Logistics President Greg Syfan said. “In times like these when every penny saved is so important, it is a huge plus to provide another way for our customers to trim costs.”

The FMS program achieves efficiency with a number of automated system strategies including bid procurement, mode optimization and load execution.

The bid procurement allows Syfan to align a company’s shipping needs with the lane preferences and capacities of their carriers. The result is better rates for the shipper and more efficient use of existing lanes for the carrier

Syfan’s mode optimization tool examines a shipper’s entire inventory of freight and delivery needs, then automatically consolidates or matches each shipment with the most efficient delivery methods.

The Load Execution finalizes the whole delivery process by automating the tendering of loads and much of the operational work.

The FMS keeps track of all shipments through a portal on the Syfan Logistics website. Customers can get updates at any time along with real-time GPS of load locations.