logistics carriers near me - Laptop User IMGMillions of Americans are currently working from home and the Syfan Logistics team isn’t any different. We have reimagined the way our team members work together and many are working from home during our current health crisis. Working from home does pose new challenges in the workplace and Syfan has been taking on those challenges while providing a safe environment for our team members, customers and drivers.

  1. Routine
    Routine is an important way to stay organized, helps maintain focus, stay on track, and keep a bit of normalcy while working remotely during COVID-19 and will lead to success with your workforce. Our team managers are staying connected by having scheduled weekly and daily calls. We have a routine scheduled call set every Tuesday for all the team members working outside the company headquarters.
  2. Transparency
    Use this time to reassure employee concerns or questions and make sure any new company policies additions or changes are communicated as soon as possible. As well as share any new information on what your company is doing to be proactive both in the workplace and community.
  3. Communication
    Now more than ever communication is the most important item in making business happen and providing service. Call and routinely check and touch base with team members. Make sure everyone feels and maintains a connection. This goes for connecting with customers that you might not have spoken to in a while.
  4. Stay Motivated With Lists and Schedules
    Simple to-do lists and schedules help keep you and your team members on track. Create a list of large goals, projects and small goals and while they are crossed off during the workday can provide motivation to move on to the next task.
    Remote work requires a schedule much like being in the office, make sure schedules are clear with expected deadlines. As you check items of your list, it also helps feel a sense of accomplishment.
  5. Keep Up With Industry News and Changes
    Continue to keep up to date with industry, COVID-19 news and other policies that seem to be changing on a daily basis and communicate this news to your workforce. Keeping up with industry news helps create new potential leads for those businesses that have spikes currently and that are overwhelmed.
  6. Relax
    Take time to get away from your computer, get away from work and decompress. The world is a bit crazy right now. Mentally strive to find ways to focus your attention on something other than the news or work.
  7. Exercise
    Former Atlanta Falcon Dez White, the physical fitness trainer at Syfan Logistics, says that managing stress is vital during the current pandemic.
    “With the current situation, pretty much everyone has had their daily routine affected in some way, and have had anywhere from minor inconvenience to major stress added to their lives,” White said. “Your body has three primary stress hormones, these hormones are designed to get your body ultra focused when faced with life threatening situations.
    “The challenging part many times is sleeping when you are stressed, so it’s easier said than done. This is why exercise is VITAL to helping you get your body back to its preferred state of being.”
  8. Pray
    Take time to find a routine and stay connected with God.