• White-glove service experience. One team working for one customer.
  • Versatile service that allows Syfan Logistics 3PL LTL to focus on a multitude of shipping solutions. We remain rigid-free, unlike other LTL providers.
  • Team of experts to help customers navigate the ever-changing NMFC.
  • Revolutionary technology that supports customer portals. Dynamic updates on every shipment.
  • One shipment / One invoice. Syfan Logistics 3PL LTL audits each shipment multiple times to ensure accuracy and transparency.

Where there is a mind for LTL, there is confidence in your delivery.
Meet Rodney Lamb

No matter what sector of the transportation industry you’re in, experience matters. In the LTL world, you would be hard pressed to find anyone with more experience and expertise than Rodney Lamb.

For 28 years, Rodney has managed an asset-based LTL. These years of managing expertise have prepared Rodney to lead the Syfan 3PL LTL team with confidence.

Moving to Syfan Logistics in August of 2023, Rodney was tasked with heading up the LTL team. By sharing his knowledge from years of experience in providing LTL services, Rodney has been able to position Syfan as a customer-specific, tailored LTL provider. With a focus on top-of-the-line customer service and 100% transparency, the Syfan LTL team looks to become a leader in the field.