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  • The Syfan Dray Team has years of experience working in U.S. ports transporting time-sensitive ocean freight across the country.
  • Leveraging local capacity and team expertise to serve complex international supply chains in and around ports and accompanying rail lines.
  • We serve all types of container drayage: dry, flat rack, high cube, open top, and refrigerated.
  • Our focus is on cutting costs for our customers by efficiently moving containers from ships to final destinations. No time wasted, no downtime, no per diem or demurrage fees.
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Other 3PLs will wait days to pull containers—not us. We do everything we can to prevent our customers from having to pay unnecessary fees.

Matt Keadle,
Syfan Logistics Import/Export Manager

Port Drayage
deliveries lead to customer’s confidence. Matt Keadle spells it all out.

Syfan approaches the world of international freight shipping in the same way we approach any sector of freight—with a strong commitment to efficiency and communication. Efficiency is of the utmost importance when dealing with container transportation in and out of busy ports — and nobody does this better than our Syfan Logistics Ocean Dray Team.

To help you avoid per diem and demurrage costs, our dray team pulls containers as soon as they are available instead of using the available waiting period. Not only does this quick action help curb unnecessary costs, it also functions as a means to deliver the container freight to its final destination quickly and efficiently.

A heading image that serves as a function button which reads "Let's Get Started, Contact Form"